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Rakaiz International Trading Services Co [RITSCO] established in the year 2005, has been working in the field of electro-mechanical projects, maintenance and supply of diesel engine spare parts.

Rakaiz International Trading Services Co. (RITSCO) [ An ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 Certified Company ] is an AISF (Authorized Independent Service Facility) of Woodward Inc., USA. The service facility in Riyadh has a Woodward Test Stand (with all accessories) and able to test / calibrate almost all the types of hydraulic governors & actuators.

Our service center technicians are trained and expert to carry out servicing & overhauling of hydraulic governors / actuators.
RITSCO, offers emergency field services and technical support throughout the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

RITSCO, Workshop specialists are well trained with about 27 years of experience carrying out overhauls and repairs. All services follow strict, quality control procedures starting from inspection, disassembly thorough cleaning, assessment, assembly, testing and calibration according to the manufacturer's specifications.

RITSCO, is also an EPC Contractor for electro-mechanical projects including diesel power plants. The maintenance team have been carrying out repairs and overhauls of various diesel engines as well.

Our Services

Check out our services that we offer.

Diesel Engines

We provide refurbishment service & onsite field support for almost all types of diesel engine.

Governors / Actuators

We provide refurbishment service for almost all types of electro-mechanical governor and Actuators.

Electronic Controls

We supply all types electronic controls within minimum lead time with warranty.

Exchange Program

We can provide reconditioned governors / actuators on an exchange-basis.

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Woodward Governor / Actuator Repair & Service

A general overhaul of the equipment includes disassembly, cleaning, painting, assessment of mechanical spare parts, inspection and replacement of worn parts, re-assembly with a new repair kit, testing and calibration. Our reputation for high service quality can be attributed to our dedicated service personnel and their efforts to restore every governor to the original factory specification and quality finish.

We specialize in the overhaul, service and repair of Woodward Governor equipment (including types PG-PL, PG-EG, 3161, UG-8, UG-10, UG40, TG13, TG17, EG3P, EG6P and EG10P Actuators and more)

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PG Actuators & Governors

PG-PL Speed Control Governor is applied to all types of diesel/gas engines and steam turbines driving pumps and

compressors. Besides controlling speed, PG-PL governors can also limit load and shut down the engine when the lubricating oil pressure fails. Woodward customizes each PG-PL governor to meet the needs of the turbine or engine and the application.

3161 Governors

The 3161 governor is a mechanical-hydraulic device that senses the speed to control dual fuel engines, diesel engines,

or steam turbines. The variety of standard features and available options make the governor ideal for a wide variety of applications that require work capacity of up to 24 N-m (18 lb-ft). Applications include off-highway vehicles, industrial, marine, generator set, compressor or pump drives.

TG Actuators & Governors

TG-13E/TG-17E self-contained electro-hydraulic actuators are used in the replacement of TG

governors with an actuator and electric control system. The TG-13E and 17E proportional electro-hydraulic actuators convert an electrical signal to a corresponding proportional output shaft position in order to position the valve that controls the flow of steam (or energy medium) to the turbine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ideally, an overhaul of a governor is recommended at the time of prime mover overhaul schedule or after 20,000 to 24,000 hours of service.

  • It depends upon the availability of spare parts. Usually, it takes 2-3 weeks or a maximum 7-8 weeks.

  • It depends upon the failures of internal mechanical spare parts. That's why we provide initially only the service charge quote. Once we receive the unit from the end-user then we disassemble the unit in our workshop, we do an assessment of internal parts/worn out percentage etc., and accordingly we provide the total cost of the overhaul, which includes service and cost of required spare parts.

  • Yes, we can supply complete units within minimum lead time.

  • Our warranty covers six months for workmanship and one year for spare parts supplied and installed by us, provided the overhauled unit is run with prescribed oil quality/quantity and the governor is not subjected to improper handling or abnormal operation.


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Please feel free to contact us at any time, we will be happy to serve you. For all kinds of inquiries or quotations, please write to us.

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10, Asyad Ibn Abi Iyas Street,
Al Olaya Dist,
Riyadh 11441
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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+966 (0) 53 221 0346
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RITSCO | AISF-Woodward,
Eastern Ring Rd Ext, Ad Difa,
Riyadh 14316
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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